Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nighty night daddy

It's funny. I work and work at styling Jada's hair. I mean I put all kinds of products in it and twist it and try to tame it. But tonight I wasn't going anywhere so I just put some detangler in it and then blew it dry (but just to dry it, not to style it). It was kind of wild at first, but right before she went to bed I tried a new headband on her (from Shannon's collection I actually really loved the way the headband looked on her crazy hair so much that I took some pictures of her. While I was doing that her daddy called to say good night to her. I got some shots of that too! Adorable beyond words!
P.S. I was looking at these pictures as I posted them. My pictures are not very colorful. They are kinda washed out looking. I know I used a ton of flash, but if I don't they seem too dark. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why they look like this and how I can fix it??

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Shannon Hartz said...

Oh she looks so cute:) Look at all those curls:) It does look like a lot of work... but beautiful:)