Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oh Shan, you will be so proud...

Look what I managed to do today... I have this rainbow ribbon that I have wanted to use for quite a while, but I wasn't sure what to do with it. I originally bought it to pair it with smaller ribbon of the same colors and make it a corker bow, but I just could not find all the same colors (or maybe I stopped looking, I forget)...
Anyhoo, after I got the two pair that you so fabulously made, it inspired me to try to make a pair. They're not as cute as yours but I did it!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Saturday was my JoJo's prom. He looked amazing. Of course. And I spent the day doing hair and make-up for his girlfriend and her BF (actually Tara did the make-up but whatever)... It was a really fun day of girl bonding. After the kids left for the prom, Tara and I celebrated our creations with some girl time. We hit the sushi bar. FAB!!

And during our photo shoot I made the kids act silly. Jordan is good at it, but Chris needed some coaxing. She is a really sweet girl but as soon as I got her ghetto side out, she was all over it! :0)

Naturally I am only posting the silly shots! ;0)

Bad mommy...

The other day I took Jada to the salon with me... I took my eyes off her for a second and this is what happened. She went face first into the concrete floor... I felt horrible.

And you know what else happened??

My uterus hurt!

Does this happen to any other mom out there? When my kids get too close to the edge of a high place, or when they injure themselves my actual uterus hurts!!! It is the weirdest thing. My uterus hurt every time I looked at her for like 24 hours!!

So that's what they mean by women's "intuition!" :0)

Just wondering~

Is it legal to be this cute???

Just wondering...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God hears our calls~

I just wanted to report that our passport situation seems to be resolving... We were not getting anywhere with the passport office itself, so my husband called the courts to find out what options we had. The court papers are over ten years old, so we were not hopeful that they could "fix" the problem...

However, our God is a pretty big God. He can do pretty big things. And do you know what he did for us??

He put us in touch with a very kind lady at the courthouse who was willing to order new court papers and have them signed by a judge. She also put a "certified" stamp on the back of the new papers saying that the papers were infact, official...

The new "official" papers are on their way to the passport office so we should be good to go! :0)

Thank you for praying. God hears us.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Prayers Please~

Ok prayer warriors I need you to take action…

We are scheduled to take a cruise to Mexico this summer. We are taking all of the children. It is a celebration of sorts and is many years in the making. We are celebrating:

• Tati’s graduation from high school (three years ago) and her recent acceptance into UCLA.

• Britt’s graduation from high school (last year).

• Jordan’s graduation (this year).

We have been preparing for quite some time. We applied for passports a few months ago (a rather extensive process for a blended family) and two of them have been denied!! Jacob and Ally’s passports were denied because my court papers (that give me sole legal and physical custody) were not signed by the judge, even though they were stamped by the court. Because they are not signed, they won’t issue them passports….

We are set to leave in five weeks-ish, and if the passport people don’t reconsider, then we can’t go (because obviously I will NOT leave two of my kids at home).

Please, please, please pray for us! Please pray that this gets resolved in time for us to enjoy our family time!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


I just wanted to announce that our oldest daughter was just accepted into UCLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whooo Hoooo!!!

Congrats my beautiful Tati...