Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Jada, being two, has her own language and it really cracks us up. I am going to keep a running log of her "language."
Yesterday she woke up in the morning and asked me if she could have her "spidermans" (vitamins).
And when we got home yesterday she wanted to jump on her "vaseline" (trampoline).
But I had to take her off the "vaseline" because we had to go pick up Jordan from school and she told me, "I don't want to pick up Jordan, I don't like him" (and I swear she sounded just like that commercial where the mom is in the grocery store buying food and the little girl keeps saying, "but I don't like broccoli," and "I don't think I like waffles."
Eventually she had to come in and take some "benderil" (benedryl) because she had hives.
AND... today I had to wake her up to go to her baby-sitters (she is not used to getting up so early because she usually stays home with daddy) and she told me, "No. I'm not getting up. You are not my mommy." When I asked her who I was she said, "Just Cari."

Monday, September 29, 2008

Summer Days

So summer is fading and we are trying to enjoy the last few days we have left. We have been outside doing everything imaginable. We went to Jacob's football game, Alyssa's soccer game, painted the driveway with chalk, played football, jumped on the trampoline, ate some bbq, and got some hours in on the ATC...

Friday, September 19, 2008

Just for you Britty

So it's not enough that I have to treat you like the queen of the universe all the time, but now you want each post to contain a picture of you... I'm sorry but you're growing up and things are changing! You are losing your status as queen and passing the torch to the other kids!! Sorry. Welcome to adulthood... But as a tribute to your new grown-up status I am posting a picture just for you! I love you beyond words. You are still my favorite! :0)

Monday, September 15, 2008


When I moved to Texas the two things I missed the most (besides my family) were the beach and the mountains, even though I NEVER went!! The mountains are literally a few minutes away and I hardly ever take the kids there, and the beach is close too, but because of the traffic nightmare I rarely go there either!! So, I vowed that if I ever moved back to California I would visit those places more often. Well, summer came and went and we didn't go to the beach and we didn't go to the mountains... *Sad face* So yesterday I finally changed all that. I took the kids to the beach. I figured I would be running out of warm weather soon, so we packed up and headed West! It was glorious! It was the most beautiful day at the beach ever. We found a nice little area (thanks Darlene) where there were rocks and caves and of course waves!! The kids got to boogie board and climb on the rocks. And Jada loved the waves! She went into the water about six different times, only coming out to warm up. We had a beautiful day. It was so good we might go back this coming weekend!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Pictures

Here are some pictures of the kids and of my mom and grandma. My niece Breanna is in the picture of the girls at the bowling alley! Also, there is Tati with Jada and Cameron!

Freaks and Geeks

Now that Brittani is 18, she is old enough to "go to clubs." One of these is a picture of a night out with her best friend (and my adopted daughter, Amber) and the theme was "Freaks and Geeks." I'm actually thankful that she was the geek! :0) And in case you are wondering, I did beat Amber for this outfit! Alas, this is not the sole reason for my entry today. Brittani is in mourning because her bestie, Ambs, is leaving for college today. Brit was supposed to be going to the same school, but because of basketball, she opted to stay closer to home and play at VVC. She is the captain of the B-ball team, so it all worked out. But we'll miss Amber. *Tear*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday Blessings

Today my beautiful husband is having a birthday! I thought it would be nice to reflect on all that he has added to my life (in a good way because I'm always telling him the bad things)! James is so gentle and so relaxed (most of the time) that it brings a sense of calm to my existence. When the world seems to be falling apart, (the truck needs 4 new tires, the Lexus needs new tires, the washing machine is broken indefinitely, the baby is sick, at least 2 out of 6 kids are pushing their luck, my students are reflecting the full moon, and we are out of milk AGAIN), in those times my husband just shuts our bedroom door and fills the jaccuzzi tub up and we get in and just relax... He is so good at grounding me and making me realize that life is precious and we really are blessed. He is also really good at MAKING me focus on the good things and not stay mad too long~~ like the time we were fussing at each other and had gone our separate ways to relax (and clean) and he came to me when he was calmed down and asked me if I had calmed down and when my response was "NO" and "LEAVE ME ALONE, I'M CLEANING THE SHOWER!" he simply reached in and turned the shower on with me in it, fully dressed, and got in and we took a shower, did I already say we were fully clothed?? Happy, happy birthday baby! I love you!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Soaring Saturday

Saturday officially started the beginning of the sports seasons in our house. Jacob started football and Alyssa started soccer. And what an eventful day it was! Jacob scored three touchdowns and made some spectacular tackles! He played like I have never seen him play before. He was an animal out there. He has always been pretty shy and quiet, but he was a destroyer that day. I am such a proud mom! And Alyssa did well too! Her team lost, but she is a hustler. I think she is the fastest girl on her team! And she is definitely the cutest! :0)

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Genius child~

So tonight I was taking the fingernail polish off of Jada's nails and she was sort of bent over me. This position she was standing in was making her breath funny. So I say to my genius child, "Jada. Why are you breathing like that?" And she said to me, "It's because I'm still alive mom!" And what she was really thinking was, "Duh mom, I have to breath to live!" I just cracked up... She is so funny and bright beyond her years. The other day her daddy was telling her not to play with her food while she was eating and she said to him, "Daddy, I'm only two and a half!" It is so funny to see this tiny girl speak with the wisdom and attitue of a twelve year old! :0)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So way back in time-- my husband took me to Sandals in St. Lucia for our honeymoon and it was AMAZING... And I'm bringing it up now only because I want to post these pics! So...if you can ever go to one of their resorts, I HIGHLY recommend it. It was beautiful and peaceful and welcoming and the very best vacation I have EVER had--- after all, it was my honeymoon!! :0) Here are some pictures of us at sunset on the beach. Look how handsome my husband is... I'm a lucky girl!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Anyone who knows our family knows that the chances of me getting my oldest daughter to go to prom are very slim... a monumental event and not for the usual reasons. My daughter just graduated from high school and she NEVER attended a school dance. I made her go to her 8th grade farewell dance, but that is the last one she attended! UNTIL, her senior prom... And since Jordan was a junior, he also went with his sweetie Jes (Jeesh I miss her!) They were so beautiful and they both actually had a great time. Here are some pictures that Brittani begged (ya right) me to put on my blog (she actually doesn't even know about it). BUT- since she won't put these pictures on her MySpace, I'm putting them here... Just one of the satisfying things about motherhood. *Sigh*

Monday, September 1, 2008

All in the Family!

So... my baby (actually my oldest),Brittani, just graduated from high school! I can't believe it even as I say it. She has been my baby for so long and now she is a woman. She also turned 18 a few days ago... Jeesh that makes me feel old!
Jacob is in the 7th grade and playing football. He is still my little man and such a gentle spirit. He also plays the trumpet!
Alyssa is in the 5th grade and quite the spirited one. She plays soccer when she is not sewing her own purses or creating her own pictures. She is so creative. I wonder where she gets that?
Jada is two (two and a half as she likes to tell it) and smart beyond her years. She is fully potty trained and even knows how to spell her name! She loves to read (like mommy) and tells me everyday that daddy is her husband not mine!
My two bonus children are amazing... Tatinana is in college and living by the beach and Jordan is busy trying to get straight A's during his senior year because dad said he would buy him a car!
I can't believe that we have been blessed with such amazing children. They teach us, and stretch us to capacity; they test us beyond our limits and they teach us about true love. Lauren Hill says it best when she wrote, "The joy of my world is in Zion." Zion is her son and my babies are the joy of my world...

Labor of Love

Hello and Welcome!
The older I get the more I realize how important friends and family are. Yet it seems we never take the time to really keep in touch the way we should. As I enter my mid-thirties I want to be a better friend and stay in touch with the people I truly love. This is for my California family that I treasure beyond words, my Indiana family that has loved and accepted me from day one, my Texas friends that I miss more than they know, and every person in between who I have been blessed to know (especially my former students)! My babies are amazing and diverse and full of so much love. Hopefully in this blog I will be able to share at least a piece of them with you! Love & Light (huh Tati?)...