Monday, September 1, 2008

All in the Family!

So... my baby (actually my oldest),Brittani, just graduated from high school! I can't believe it even as I say it. She has been my baby for so long and now she is a woman. She also turned 18 a few days ago... Jeesh that makes me feel old!
Jacob is in the 7th grade and playing football. He is still my little man and such a gentle spirit. He also plays the trumpet!
Alyssa is in the 5th grade and quite the spirited one. She plays soccer when she is not sewing her own purses or creating her own pictures. She is so creative. I wonder where she gets that?
Jada is two (two and a half as she likes to tell it) and smart beyond her years. She is fully potty trained and even knows how to spell her name! She loves to read (like mommy) and tells me everyday that daddy is her husband not mine!
My two bonus children are amazing... Tatinana is in college and living by the beach and Jordan is busy trying to get straight A's during his senior year because dad said he would buy him a car!
I can't believe that we have been blessed with such amazing children. They teach us, and stretch us to capacity; they test us beyond our limits and they teach us about true love. Lauren Hill says it best when she wrote, "The joy of my world is in Zion." Zion is her son and my babies are the joy of my world...

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