Saturday, January 31, 2009

I told you so...

You guys didn't believe me, but I told you my husband was wonderful. He wins medals, works hard, loves my kids... But I captured some precious moments on camera today. Here is a picture of my husband cutting Jada's burger into small bites so she could enjoy it. I cut her food up too, but not usually so "carefully." I guess I just thought it was cute that he was taking the time to make sure the pieces were so small. And the other post is my husband holding baby Jada while we are watching UFC fight night. Such a manly night, with all this violent fighting, yet he remains so tender with his girl. I love that man for the way he loves that girl! :0)

Miss Denise

Denise (this post is mostly for you...:0) You are the most amazing person I know. Your comment made me laugh. I smile every time I think of you and I wanted everyone who reads my blog (all two of you :0) to know that...
For those of you who don't know, Denise is my baby sitter. She had Jacob and Alyssa for a while, and then when Jada was born, she got her. We don't get to use her often because God has blessed James and I with opposite schedules (not great for "us" but really great for our babies) so Jada doesn't get to go there very much, but she asks me everyday! I swear she loves Miss Denise as much as she loves us! That is truly a blessing to my soul.
Anyway, D, sister, I miss you and love you, and um, can I have a picture of you to put on here???

Hiking trip

We wanted to get our kids out of the house today. It is so glorious outside and we really want them to "learn" things, have real-world experiences. We were going to take them to the Wild Animal park, but James got off work late and was so tired (after working all night) so we just decided to head to Mormon Rocks. It was a quick trip, very informative, and my kids had a blast. We even gave them a quiz after and they all passed! I highly recommend the trip. It's close and it truly was a hike.

Friday, January 30, 2009

My amazing husband

I always knew my husband was great. I mean seriously. He is a pretty great guy. He cooks; he cleans; he takes care of the kids... Oh and he's hot! I don't know what I did to deserve him, but I really appreciate the way he takes care of our family.
BUT, today he topped even himself. He won a medal at work!!! I am so impressed with him. He is a police officer and he does pretty heroic things at work all the time (esp. when he was with the Sherrif's Dept.) but he recently subdued a man who had 6 weapons and something like twelve thousand rounds of ammunition. It made national news because they did all of this without shooting the guy! In any other city the guy would have been dead!! So they gave my husband a medal!! Of course being the bloggy wife that I am, before I even hugged him and congratulated him I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures so I could post them! :0)
I love you baby. You're an amazing husband and a wonderful daddy.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nighty night daddy

It's funny. I work and work at styling Jada's hair. I mean I put all kinds of products in it and twist it and try to tame it. But tonight I wasn't going anywhere so I just put some detangler in it and then blew it dry (but just to dry it, not to style it). It was kind of wild at first, but right before she went to bed I tried a new headband on her (from Shannon's collection I actually really loved the way the headband looked on her crazy hair so much that I took some pictures of her. While I was doing that her daddy called to say good night to her. I got some shots of that too! Adorable beyond words!
P.S. I was looking at these pictures as I posted them. My pictures are not very colorful. They are kinda washed out looking. I know I used a ton of flash, but if I don't they seem too dark. Does anyone have any suggestions as to why they look like this and how I can fix it??

Big brothers~

I already know I can't really rely on my kids. I mean, they help, sort of... Today I was trying to multi task. I got Jada up from her nap but she was stinky (the kind of stink that only a bath will help), so I put her in the tub and then called Jacob to come watch her so I could start dinner. Bad idea. See, I only have a jacuzzi tub (its deep) and mix a 13 year old with that big of a tub and guess what? Well, only a picture does it justice! What was I thinking?? :0)


I just have to ask. Is it me? Or is everyone else wondering the same thing??? Here's the question. When did McDonald's start hurting so badly for money that they actually have to charge for condiments??? I mean seriously. A billion served and they still have to charge for barbeque sauce?? Is it just me or is that a tad ridiculous? I mean, ok, the economy is bad, but it's bad for all of us, so lets be fair. If I don't want mustard, then I should get $.10 off my meal price. Or if I ask for no bun. Shouldn't that be worth something?? Because if I were to ask for extra tomato you can bet they would charge me. So let's even up the score. It's about time we start getting what we give. The next time you go to McDonalds and ask them not to put something on your hamburger, you should ask them if they are going to reduce the price!!!

From now on I'm going to Chick-Fil-A. At least there I can get as many sauces as I want!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Extra Flash

Why does too much flash make things look so much better??? I think I'll use too much flash from now on! :0)

Here birdie birdie...

Jada always has to steal the show. She's adorable; she can't help it... We went to Jacob's banquet and Jada got to hold a bird. She even kissed the bird! I captured some adorable pictures.

Football banquet

My beautiful son had his football banquet today. It was fun to be reminded how great the season was, how much fun he had and (if I may say so myself) how studly he was on the field. They played a video of some of the games and my Jacob shined in some of them. I am such a proud momma...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Ok, I admit it. I'm an addict... One of my students made me read the books. I went through all of them in about ten days... I know~ ridiculous! Then I saw the movie and it forced me to read the first book again, just to spot what was left out/added... So I'm on to New Moon, for the second time! :0( I even got my Jacob a shirt that says, "Team Jacob." He doesn't realize what the significance is, but he like the message anyway!

Britty Basketball

My beautiful daughter is at it again. The basketball season has officially started. She played tonight and scored 11 pts. and had something like 14 rebounds. You can actually catch clips of the game at She plays for the Victor Valley Rams. I love this picture of her back because if you look closely you can see her passing the ball! I love you PrittyBritty...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Ally Sweetie Pie

My baby girl (not to be confused with the actual baby girl, Jada) turned 11!! Her mind is 21, but never mind that... She celebrated as only the queen should, in her throne, purple no less... Alyssa is smart, cute, talented, and oh so curious. We love her to death... Happy Birthday Love!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Junk drawer

Does everyone have a junk drawer (or two) (or six)? I'm just wondering... I think I'm a good housekeeper (stop laughing mom). I think I'm a clean person (mom). I like order... But it never fails that every room in my house, no matter where that house is, has a junk drawer. I actually tried to sort mine today! Big problem. There is not really a place for all that... um... what do you call it? Oh ya, JUNK! But it's not junky enough to throw away. I'm perplexed. Maybe one of you, my smarter friends, (smarter than me that is) can tell me how you handle your "junk." :0)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Cayden Marie...

Ok, so her middle name is not really Marie, but mine is and Jada's is so I figured, what the heck? :0) Isn't she adorable. This is my new adopted "I need a baby in the house to remind me why I don't want any more babies because six is definitely enough; infact, six may be five too many, baby!"

My Life~

So here is a real picture of my life. I am trying to blog; naked Jada is trying to improve my looks, (notice how many brushes she thinks it will take her to get me looking good), and Sushi just jumped down off my Coach purse!!! I just don't remember anyone telling me motherhood would be quite like this! :0)

Oh Jada...

So my sweet little Jada decided, on her own, that she was going to go outside with her brother, Jacob, to "help" him build his ramp. He got roller blades for Christmas and can't wait to break his leg, or do some other "boy" thing. Anyway, Jada was still in her PJ's and decided to go find her own shoes (her Sunday shoes no less) and her own hat (don't even ask me where that came from) and head outside with her "Bubba." Before I scolded her, I just had to snap a few pictures because she looks so stinking cute!

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I just want to apologize right now for any future postings that may be a bit much! My wonderful husband bought me a new camera for Christmas and I am driving my entire family crazy taking pictures. I just had to post a few. As you can see I have been experimenting with the flash in some of the pictures. Even Sushi can't escape me... :0)

Kids and their toys

Here are Jacob and Alyssa with their new skates and Jada with her big wheel!

Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit

My kids got a rock band for Christmas. Here are some pictures of my future stars!

Pajammie Jam...

Our kids usally get to open one present on Christmas Eve and it's usually jammies. Here are the kids (and my beautiful husband) in their Christmas jammies.