Saturday, January 10, 2009

Junk drawer

Does everyone have a junk drawer (or two) (or six)? I'm just wondering... I think I'm a good housekeeper (stop laughing mom). I think I'm a clean person (mom). I like order... But it never fails that every room in my house, no matter where that house is, has a junk drawer. I actually tried to sort mine today! Big problem. There is not really a place for all that... um... what do you call it? Oh ya, JUNK! But it's not junky enough to throw away. I'm perplexed. Maybe one of you, my smarter friends, (smarter than me that is) can tell me how you handle your "junk." :0)

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Raadsk said...

Love your blog! Your new addition to your family is just so... cute!
Twilight? Ryan is on the 4th book and is hooked! lol
Lots of love and hugs,