Monday, September 15, 2008


When I moved to Texas the two things I missed the most (besides my family) were the beach and the mountains, even though I NEVER went!! The mountains are literally a few minutes away and I hardly ever take the kids there, and the beach is close too, but because of the traffic nightmare I rarely go there either!! So, I vowed that if I ever moved back to California I would visit those places more often. Well, summer came and went and we didn't go to the beach and we didn't go to the mountains... *Sad face* So yesterday I finally changed all that. I took the kids to the beach. I figured I would be running out of warm weather soon, so we packed up and headed West! It was glorious! It was the most beautiful day at the beach ever. We found a nice little area (thanks Darlene) where there were rocks and caves and of course waves!! The kids got to boogie board and climb on the rocks. And Jada loved the waves! She went into the water about six different times, only coming out to warm up. We had a beautiful day. It was so good we might go back this coming weekend!!


Taunie said...

Everyone looks so good. Especially Jordan!!! Good God, don't let Heather see him. She is just hard on guys. She meets the nicest young men and as soon as I say I like him, it is the kiss of death!!! Anyway, everyone looks amazing! We miss you guys sooo much. The miles between don't seem like so many when you count them, but the gap is unending!!!! You are my soul sista! AND I miss you every day. Lets make a commitment to get together at least once a month even if it is just for lunch or something. I know we let our kids run our lives (mostly because that is what God put us here for), but we need to see eachother.

Taunie said...
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