Wednesday, May 13, 2009

God hears our calls~

I just wanted to report that our passport situation seems to be resolving... We were not getting anywhere with the passport office itself, so my husband called the courts to find out what options we had. The court papers are over ten years old, so we were not hopeful that they could "fix" the problem...

However, our God is a pretty big God. He can do pretty big things. And do you know what he did for us??

He put us in touch with a very kind lady at the courthouse who was willing to order new court papers and have them signed by a judge. She also put a "certified" stamp on the back of the new papers saying that the papers were infact, official...

The new "official" papers are on their way to the passport office so we should be good to go! :0)

Thank you for praying. God hears us.

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