Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jada-isms 2

So my baby-sitter (my new sister) wrote down a few more of Jada's adorable thoughts and I will share them with you...
Jada had not been to her baby sitters in quite a while and when she was gone Denise (the sitter) got a new girl. Her name is also Jada. So my Jada gets face to face with the new Jada and she says to her in an amazed tone, "You're Jada too? I'm Jada too!! And you're a brown Jada just like me!" (The little girl is mixed just like my Jada). :0)
Another time at the sitters, Jada was trying to convince her cousin to come outside with her and play. She begged Breanna to go but Breanna told her she was too tired to go outside because it was too hot. So Jada put her hand on her hip and said, "Oh ya, well I'm brown and I'm hot too!"
I do not know why she has a fixation with race when she is over there. That house is like the United Nations because there are so many races of kids there! Jada is just too much, ALL THE TIME!
And she said to her daddy yesterday, "Daddy, are you coming home to see my beautiful face?"
We just can't get enough of her and her funny thoughts. She even woke up the other day and told me that a monster was chasing me and the monster was singing "Row, row, row your boat..." She was so serious and so scared that I knew she had had a bad dream! She just makes my heart super happy (another one of her beautiful sayings)!

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