Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

We took the kids "trunk-or-treating" last night at Ally's school and the kids were so darn cute. Alyssa was a nice witch and Jada was a monkey. I wanted a warm costume for her, but all the warm ones seemed to be more "boyish" so I made some bows for the ears... And then everyone thought she was a dog!! Whateva... They were so adorable, even though Alyssa looked like an 18 year old woman!! She is hot! That's definitely a bad thing, but she is such a cutie! Dad, get the gun ready!! :0)
And another thing... everytime I look at this picture I am shocked that there are only two kids in it. We have six children in our home and only two are still of "trick-or-treating" age... That astounds me. This year Jacob was "too old" to trick-or treat, so it was just the girls. Pretty soon it will be just Jada... *Tear* The time goes so fast...
And how come they are too old to trick-or-treat but not too old to get Christmas presents?? I mean, Jeesh, save me some money too while you're "growing-up."

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