Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jada-isms 3

So my beautiful Jada is always trying to steal her daddy away from me. She is so in love with him that she doesn't think she can share him with me. She always tells me, "That is my daddy." And she says, "He loves me more mommy." Which is probably true, but I can't admit that to her... :0) But I finally got smart one day and told her, "Well he may be your daddy, but he is my husband." So she argued with me for a while, telling me that he was her husband and not mine, but now she has finally one-up'd me! Yesterday she told me, "Well mom, my daddy is my daddy-husband. He is your husband, but he is my daddy-husband!" I guess she wins!
So I'm off to feed my daughter some chicken "little" soup (as she calls it)!
(In one of these pictures she has used my MAC to put on her own make-up!!) :0(

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