Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Last Night...

So last night I got home from work and I was not feeling well. I have been stressed out and I was just feeling out of it. My beautiful husband changed all that. I walked into my bedroom and he had two dozen roses in a vase by our jacuzzi tub and the tub was filled and ready for me. And, as if that wasn't enough, he also had a brand new robe on my bed for me to put on after my bath. It was so soft and so beautiful... While I was in the tub my hubby also brought me dinner. And it was yummy dinner, blackened fish! He is such a great husband. God is really doing good things in him and I am definitely benefiting from it! (And on a side note, I chose this picture of our wedding day to put up because it is my favorite picture of them all. In this picture we are not posed; we were not told how to stand, or where to look. We just grabbed each other and the camera guy took the shot. In this picture I am truly happy. My hair is blowing in my face, and I probably need a make-up touch up, but I am really happy in my heart)!

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