Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I love to run! It's weird because I never ran as a child. I had asthma, so I always stayed on the sidelines. I never thought much about it until college. I decided it might be a great way to get in shape so I tried it. I joined the track team. I really liked the long jump and triple jump (it reminded me of my gymnastic days) and I LOVED how running made my body feel. I ran for two years and then I coached high school track for a few years. It was a great experience. BUT, I only ran sprints, so I never ran anything longer than a few miles. Then I just stopped. I didn't run for years. However, when we moved to Texas I had a friend who ran (I heart you Patty) and I started running with her. I really got into it and started to remember why I loved it so much. When we got back to CA I kept it up and decided last year that I wanted to run a marathon (I actually always wanted to, but I never, ever thought I would). I never did run that marathon, but I did manage to get up to 13 miles! Then I just stopped! AGAIN!! I don't know why I stopped. Maybe it is because of my 6 kids? Maybe it is because I work full time? Maybe it's because I live in the mountain area and it gets really cold from October thru May?? Who knows, but a few weekends ago I ran into a lady who lives up the street. She is not a runner either, but she has been running for exercise and she is up to 5 miles. That inspired me. I started to run that very day. It has been quite a while, but I have managed to run about ten miles this week! I am really enjoying it and hope that I can run a real race soon!

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