Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More running

I got out and ran again today!!! That's amazing since I had like a hundred reasons not to, like it's 40 degrees outside, and Jada wanted to run with me and of course it was too cold to allow that, and because my house was a huge mess and I should have been cleaning it, and because the laundry needed to be done, and because I just got a new IPOD and haven't even downloaded any songs to it yet, and... Need I go on??? But, despite all those things, I ran two miles. I am also going to do push ups and sit ups. I have been reading a new blog of a girl who runs a lot and does push ups and sit ups to help her running and I thought to myself, "Self, that's a good idea." So I'm gonna try it tonight! I'll let you know how it goes...

And yes, Jada does run with me!! She is amazing. She can run about half a mile before she needs a break. Ok, so I run like a champion at about a 14 minute mile, but whatever... I'm out there; don't judge me!! :0)


Raising Olives said...

Good for you. I wish that I enjoyed running. Our children love to run, I don't, but I do it, thanks to them.


Shannon Hartz said...

You go girl. Man I do really miss running - it definitly becomes addicive. When I was traing for the marathon, it was great for my prayer life:) Just me and God for hours a day. I promised myself after I finished the first one, that I'd do it again someday - after I'm done having babies:) Somehow I have a feeling I won't be finishing in 4 hours next time:)

Lending Heart said...

You are inspiring me to run. But, I am such a horrible runner. I just can't hang. I can go to the gym and do any cardio machine forever. But, when I try to run, my body denies the motion!!

P.S. Don't forget your pink.

So, I'm trying to lose weight. My rationale: If I have to look for a job, and I'm thinner, I'll be more confident, which will show in the interview.. right? So, perhaps something good may come out of this??