Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I have been reading everyone's "Not Me's" for quite a while and I never do anything crazy or embarrassing, so I never participate (or so I would like you to believe). But this week something happened that was so funny that I have to finally participate. So this is how it works, for those of you who do not read MckMama's blog. You post all of the things that you have "not" done this week (but you really might have).

Here goes:

First of all, I did NOT tell the woman in line behind me at Target on Valentine's Day that Jada AND Brittani were both my daughters because she most certainly did NOT think that Jada was mine AND Brittani's daughter. She most certainly did not say to us, "Wow, your guys's daughter is so beautiful. You two sure make beautiful babies!" And I most certainly did not tell her that Brittani was, in fact, a girl, and that she was also my daughter and not my lover!!! Then I most certainly did not continue to try to make her feel better (because she was mortified) by telling her that Brittani gets mistaken for a boy all the time. Because she most certainly does not!! :0)

And I did not shout out yesterday, while dining at my parents house, in the presence of my mom, dad, sister, sister's fiance, and 4 other children, to my 3 year old daughter, "Hey baby, do you want some underwear?" When I infact meant to say, "Hey baby, do you want some ice cream?" And I most certainly have no idea where that came from.

And I most certainly did not lecture my 3 year old that she has TWO parents who are capable of taking her potty because she most certainly does not ONLY want me to take her, EVERYTIME! I did not do that because I was too busy blogging, and I most certainly would not do that because she would never listen to me anyway!!

That was painless! :0) Happy Monday!


Jeanette "Frogster" said...

funny! Love the Target story - I bet that woman's face was so red!

Tanya said...

Very funny, I also did not ask my 4 year old daughter if she needed her razor when I meant toothbrush while cleaning out her bathroom this morning, not me.

Shannon Hartz said...

Oh I love the Target story... wonder if she added that to her "Not Me Monday" run down?!!! It is definitly worthy from both sides:)


You, my friend, are so freakin FUNNY!