Sunday, February 22, 2009

Amazing girl

It was only Friday that I started teaching Jada to write her name. She just turned 3 two months ago and I haven't been in a hurry to grow her up! :0) But I have been looking into homeschooling kits and preschool stuff, so I thought I would try to see how ready she was. We worked for maybe ten minutes on Friday (she didn't really want to do it and I didn't really want to make her) and we worked for maybe thirty minutes all together on Saturday (Brit worked with her for some of that because she wanted to work with her sissy). Today (Sunday, a mere two days after I began this quest) she got up wanting to play with the toy I bought her for learning her name (you know, incentives). I left it out for her to see but won't let her take it out of the box and today she really wanted to play with it. So I told her she had to learn to write her name. I wrote it once for her. I used her hand to write it once. And then she wrote it all by herself. I think she is a genius!! I don't know if this is normal. I teach high school and I can't get kids to learn things in nine months let alone two days. Maybe some of you moms out there can let me know if your experiences were similar. I know I have five other kids, but two I got much later than 3 years old, and I never taught any of my own children to write their names. I left that to their school (I know. I'm a mess. I don't know what I was thinking). Anyway, here are two pictures of my genius child. One of them is her with her writing and the other one is of her and her new toy (fun letters, not really a "toy" but it's one to her)!! :0)

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