Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jada-isms # 349

The other day Jada woke up wet. (She still sleeps in a pull-up). Her pull up had leaked all over my bed because she may have been sleeping with me. I was headed to Starbucks so I didn't clean her up right away. I just threw some clean clothes on her, deciding to hold off on the bath until I had my coffee.

So we headed out to the garage and Jada refused to walk on the garage floor without shoes on. I told her like three times to just come on because I knew she was going to have a bath as soon as we got home. But she refused to step into the garage because she didn't have shoes on and didn't want to get her feet dirty.

So I said to her, "Jada!!! Come on. You can walk out here. You just peed on yourself and you don't care about that, so who cares about your feet?"

And my sweet genius child replied to me, "But mom, I didn't pee on my feet!"

And she was right! :o)

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