Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kudos and glasses to you my babies...

I'm just going to say it... My kids all have glasses! Brittani has needed them for quite a while, but now Jacob and Alyssa have them! I'm shocked that they all have such poor eyesight, but I must admit they look so stinkin' adorable!! Both Jacob and Ally got black framed glasses and they are so cute I could just smother them with kisses (much to their dismay). I can't help it though, they are really precious in those glasses.

Also... Jacob and Alyssa both finished up their sports seasons. Alyssa scored a few goals this year and had quite a few assists. She really rocks out there. And Jacob. Oh My!! He played like I have never seen him play before. He was AMAZING. He was full back, and middle line-backer and he was the best little dude out there (of course, he's my son)! He even made the All-Star team. Only 4 boys were picked and Jacob was one of them. I am so proud of him, of both of them. I just love being their mom! :0)

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